Top 3 Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Automobile

For many of us, our automobiles are perhaps one of our most significant investments (second only to our homes). As such, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t put in the effort and time to make sure that their vehicles remain in good running order and increase its longevity. However, despite how simple and straightforward many of the tasks associated with maintaining a car are, you’ll be amazed at the number of people who still manage to fail at adhering to them. To this end, here are the top tips that should help prolong the lifespan of your automobile.

  1. Ensure that the filters are changed regularly

Over time, both the air and oil filter of a motor can get clogged, and ensuring that they are periodically changed is an unavoidable reality that we have to deal with. But while the task is usually included in regular servicing, it’s painfully straightforward and easy to do and can be accomplished even by those who have very little mechanical knowledge. Doing it on your own can also save you a great deal of money. It is, however, important to always refer to the handbook or manual before you swap out your old filter for a new one and to make sure that only the right parts are utilised to avoid damaging the engine.

  1. Adhere to annual MOT check-ups

Many people talk in a blasé way regarding MOT check-ups, but they can be very advantageous, especially for older cars. Not only do they test the safety of the engine, but you’re far more likely to find out about potentially dangerous issues such as exhaust emissions, corrosion and overall roadworthiness too. More importantly, it’s mandatory. The good news is that there are plenty of establishments that offer the service such as the Windmill Garage in Waterlooville, making the task a lot less tedious than it would have been.

  1. Don’t make any unnecessary changes or modifications

It’s human nature to understand and tinker around with many things, and automobiles are no different. However, making unnecessary changes or alterations that the manufacturers never intended may not only put strain and tension on its mechanical parts but devalue the vehicle if not shorten its lifespan. As such, we must all resist the urge to do anything above servicing and making sure that the car runs as intended. In this way, the vehicle will not only run better and last longer, but you’ll avoid risking anything that might contribute to its depreciation.

Maintaining an automobile and prolonging its lifespan is not as difficult as some might think. The key is to always adhere to regular servicing and MOT check-ups as well as to resist the temptation of altering and modifying the vehicle. You can also keep the costs down by doing some of the maintenance tasks on your own whenever possible, but it is good standard practice always to know your limits. Do only the jobs that you are able to do and leave the rest to the specialists. This will save you not just time but money in any costly repairs.