The Ecological Effect of Car Repairs

Many of the chemicals used to clean and repair vehicles are made from fossil fuels and other organic compounds. Organic compounds are those that contain carbon, and some are classified as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A volatile organic compound is one that is likely to evaporate into a gas and enter the atmosphere. This can contribute to climate change as well as pollution. The pollution and greenhouse gas emissions get caught in the atmosphere, where they contribute to the magnification of heat and result in unstable temperatures. In order to reduce the ecological harm, you need to choose a car repair company that does everything they can to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or offset them.

Offsetting VOCs

There is only so much that a car repair company can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions involves using cleaning chemicals and solvents that are as natural as possible. However, many will still contain VOCs. In many cases, the only effective solvent to dissolving old paint and priming the car for new paint is made from very volatile chemicals. They have to be handled carefully and disposed of safely. Since there is no way to dissolve the thick paint that is used to protect cars without VOCs, the most responsible Perth panel and paint companies buy offsets.

An offset is either a contract with other companies to only use a certain amount of VOCs. If the other company does not use its allotted number of VOCs, then the second company will have a little more license to use VOCs. Alternately, many companies will plant trees or fund the planting of trees to offset their carbon and pollution emissions.

Planting Trees

It takes several years for a tree to grow to the size that it needs to be to begin functionally offsetting large amounts of VOCs; however, they can immediately begin to benefit the environment. A pine tree grows in about ten years to its full height. Some hardwood trees take much longer to grow. However, a fully grown tree can sequester as much as 20 kilograms of carbon every year. Over its lifetime, each tree can sequester as much as one tonne of carbon. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and hold onto the carbon, only releasing the oxygen. That means that every tree a panel and paint company funds can offset hundreds of kilograms of carbon.

If you need panel and paint work after a collision, or if you just want to have your car painted a new colour, you should consider the environmental impact of that bodywork. You don’t have to avoid the work; instead, you should consider a bodywork company that provides for the planting of trees in response to the amount of business they do. That will reduce the damage done to the environment. In many cases, the tree will actually offset more than the company emits, resulting in a net benefit for the environment. Each tree helps fight pollution and greenhouse gas buildup that are harming the environment.