Major Benefits of Buying a New Car in Australia

In Australia, we love our cars and we treat them like they are part of the family. We are always cleaning and polishing them and buying all the latest new gadgets to make our pride and joy look the best that it can. Almost every home in Australia has at least one car and not having one can mean the difference between a good life and a life that means major inconvenience. Someone, somewhere in Australia at this moment is thinking about changing their car or considering buying a new one but something is holding them back.

Buying a used or second hand car is sometimes the popular choice but with that comes headache if the car starts to act up and experiences engine or gearbox problems. Unfortunately, your used car had a very short 3 month warranty or you bought it privately and it has no warranty at all. Most people think that a new car is beyond their reach, but that new car may be closer than you think. If you took your car out on finance, but bought second hand, you may find that the total amount to be paid on the car over the next 3 to 5 years, is the same price as that of a new one. You had it in your head that a new car was not within your budget, when it actually was with Phillip Mitsubishi. There are many benefits to buying new and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. A Better Choice – When buying a used or second hand car, you can only have the options that the car currently has. Buying new however, opens up a lot more opportunities for you. The dealer will have all the options available to him or her, and you can individualise your new car to suit your personality. If it’s available, you can have it and sometimes you can negotiate those extras that you want for free within the final purchase price. You have the opportunity to negotiate with the sales person who really does want to sell you a car.
  1. It Lasts Longer – If you drive a new car out of that showroom, you know that any miles on that engine and frame were put there by you and you know this car’s history inside and out. You know that the miles on the clock are one hundred percent right and you know that you are the first person to have driven this car. It’s brand spanking new, and with that comes the assurance that your car will be covered by its warranty and thus will still be running well many years after you have bought it.
  1. Better Fuel Efficiency – It’s new, so the engine will be performing at its optimum level which means less fuel usage and that saves you money over the term of the car. It will be serviced regularly according to the warranty and so will give you many years of smooth driving and every time you pull into a petrol station, filling up will not be the nightmare that it can be with used cars.

Buying new is the right choice and the sensible choice. Ask your local dealer about buying a new car today.