4 Great Advantages Of Buying Used Car Parts

At some point most of us will be involved in some kind of car accident. Hopefully it will only be a small incident, but more than likely some part of our car will be damaged and we will need a part or panel. We can get the parts we need at the dealer, but by doing it this way, we are spending more money than we really need to.  Many think that when buying a completely new part, you are guaranteed that it won’t break, but sometimes this is not the case. The other option is buying used quality car parts, and you can find these at breakers yards, all around Australia. Used parts offer many benefits to car owners, as they are a smart investment. Let’s look at some of the advantages of buying used auto parts.

  1. Save Money – The first benefit is the amount of money that you can save when compared to a new part. In most cases you will save up to fifty percent when buying used car parts. When you buy a new part from the dealer, you receive an assurance that the part has never been used before, although many cars in breakers yards are quite new, and so you can still get piece of mind when buying used car parts. For people with classic cars or older models of cars, breakers yards offer the only option for them. Most dealers will not keep parts for vehicles that have been discontinued, and even if they do, it doesn’t make financial sense to buy an expensive part that may be worth more than the whole car.
  1. Good As New – When you go to buy second hand car parts in Perth, you are not just buying a part that was pulled from a crashed car, and placed on a shelf for resale. You are buying a used part, that has been checked, tested and refurbished, so that you get a part, that is just as good as a new one. Refurbished parts are a little more expensive to buy, but they still end up being much cheaper than new parts.
  1. Get It Online – Many second hand car part dealers in Perth, also feature their parts on their website, so you can have a look at it, and check if it is suitable for your vehicle. All the specifications will be listed, as well as an idea of its quality. This saves you the time and the expense of having to travel to their yard, to ask if they have a specific part in stock. It allows you to source the part you need, get a price for it, buy it online and get it delivered to you, without having to leave your home. Now, that’s great service.
  1. Eco-Friendly – When you buy a used part, you are doing your bit for the environment. If you are buying a used part, then the part doesn’t have to be manufactured again thus saving on energy and time. You may think this is but a drop in the ocean, but you are making a very real difference to your carbon footprint.

Used car parts are just as good as new ones and they are readily available at your local breakers yard. Give them a call and see if they have the part you need.