The Benefits of Buying Used Trucks Over New Trucks

Whenever you need a new truck for your company, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to buy used, no matter the type. New models often come with a number of shiny new gadgets and attachments, but many of these are not worth the extended price of buying new over used. There are far more benefits to buying a used truck, especially if you are a small business with a budget not suited to the inflated prices of buying a new commercial vehicle.


Rather than buying a basic new truck with your budget, it is possible to spend the same amount of money on a slightly used option with far more features. It is not just about staying within budget, but rather about ensuring you get the best value for your money with each and every purchase. This is especially true if the truck will be used for many years by your employees, or if you require certain features to cover the needs of your company.

Save Money

The moment a vehicle of any kind is driven off the parking lot of a vendor, it is no longer considered new and must be sold at a significantly reduced price. A used vehicle can be as much as 25 percent less in price than a newer option, and this is true even if the vehicles are of the same year and model. This will allow you to get the job done without reaching the very top of your budget just to get a new truck, and you can visit to consider your options.

If you lower the price of the vehicle significantly enough, you might be able to offer lower prices to your customers, which is always good for business. Having more money to spend on equipment and other things will allow you to focus on lower prices that are attractive to customers. This should increase your sales, allow you to keep the same profit margin, and watch your reputation grow as you continue to offer great services with your beautiful used truck.


Due to depreciation, a new vehicle will never get you as much in return if you chose to resell it as a used trick would give you. Trucks tend to stop depreciating quite so steeply after the second year, meaning you will get more of your investment back if you choose a used vehicle. This is critical if you find yourself no longer able to budget for the truck or need to sell it for any other reason. Plus, the resale value will only go up if you keep the vehicle in good condition.


There are as many used trucks available as there are new options, and many of them have the same features for thousands off the price tag. Buying rather than leasing will also offer a good range of benefits since you get to keep the truck and benefit from its value for many years following your purchase.