Important Tips to Care for your Motorbike

With time many new variants and models of le bombardier spyder motorbikes are coming up in the market. So if you own one or plan to buy a new one, you would need to maintain it regularly for it to function well for a long time. There are some specific areas that require timely attention and maintenance. It will help you maintain the condition of the engine with less investment. Here are some tips which you can practice to maintain your motorbike for a long time:

Engine oil

You must change the engine oil of the machine once in a while. Engine oil lubricates the engine, gears and at the same time keeps it cool. It tends to get thin which makes it unable to lubricate the different parts properly over time. Thus, changing the engine oil frequently can keep the functioning of your machine proper for many years.


The tires of the motorbike also need special attention. With time, the motorbike tires wear out, and it becomes really tough to control the bike while driving. This also leads to more fuel consumption. So to save fuel and be safe, make sure to check the tires of your bike on a regular basis for any wear and tear. You should immediately replace them as soon as they are damaged.


The chain-set of the motorbike is another essential part to attend to. You should regularly lubricate it for a smooth riding experience. Bike chains that are not properly lubricated get damaged easily because of excess heat being generated. Excessive heat damages links thereby making the chain loose.


The role of the brakes in the motorbike cannot be ignored. Biking enthusiasts should take proper care of the brakes as riding motorbikes with faulty brakes can be too risky. To ensure safety, one should always check the condition of the brake-pads from time to time. The difference between the break-pads should be at least 3 mm in width. You should replace the brake-pads instantly if it is less that this size..


No matter what motorbike you are riding, it is important to take very good care of the horn on a regular basis. When using the horns, make sure you don’t press it for too long. You should give a visit to the garage off and on to get the horn of the bike inspected.

To ensure a smooth riding experience for yourself, it is very important to take care of these little details, so that the machinery of the motorbike stays smooth and in place for a long time.